Our Los Angeles loft space is located on the border between Santa Monica and Venice, just a few blocks from the beach. Clear skies, palm trees and surfing typify the local ambiance. The 2,500+ square foot space is multi-level, fully furnished, open and spacious, but with private rooms as well. Our West Coast space also got its start in 2004 as the area's first non-traditional focus group venue, and strives to provide market research clients with a fresh, alternative environment for the creative juices to flow. Our goal is to lay the springboard for inspired insights, without sacrificing any of the standard niceties and expected services that come with more traditional facilities.

Open House Lofts also handles all of its own recruiting in-house. Environment and methodology are critical parts of any research project, but recruiting is the most critical part. As with our spaces, our organic recruiting methods, vast network, and experience with finding the best respondents, regardless of specs or incidence rate, also set us apart.

We do NOT have one-way mirrors in any of our spaces. Instead, we use closed-circuit viewing via high-end HD cameras and large 80" flat panel HD monitors. This way, our clients can enjoy a premium up close and personal experience, while not making respondents feel uncomfortable with the presence of a one-way mirror.